Hilde van amelsvoort


Here I present some of my projects.

Project My love for Norrbotten

My love for Norrbotten

The project ‘My love for Norrbotten´is a series of prints using photopolymer as the graphical technique. I have printed processed photographs, both close-ups and of landscapes that I have taken somewhere in Norrbotten.

Technique photopolymer

Language a manner of speaking

The project ‘Language a manner of speaking´ is a graphical series of non figurative languages such as ‘Song of Life’ and ‘Language of the Soul’. Each print is a monotype with symbols in a kind of minimalist abstract expressions. Looking and listening for the second time, the experience may be completely different.

Technique monotype, planographic printing

Poject 'Language a manner of speaking'
Project My love for Norrbotten

Dancing with shadows

The project ‘Dancing with Shadows’ is an exploration of shadows. I have photographed shadows and processed the images into large monotypes. The result is exciting, beautiful and captivating shapes. I use physical shadows to explore the process of reaching inner shadows and discovering their forms, messages and expressions.

Technique monotype, planographic printing


The project ‘Birds’ is a play with a kind of abstract birds like ‘Playground’ and ‘Nightbird’. The birds represent that we are all the same but at the same time unique and amazing in our diversity.


Technique photopolymer, mixed media

Project My love for Norrbotten