”Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

Albert Einstein

I am curious about the mystical process when it comes to being human. We are so full of paradoxes – love and hate, kindness and meanness, flexibility and rigidity, all of which can be expressed in one human being almost at the same time.

Hilde van Amelsvoort

Hilde van Amelsvoort is a Dutch visual artist based in Sweden in a place called Jokkmokk. The nature and the mountains are a great inspiration to her.

My drive as an artist comes from the inside. Impressions need to come out and show themselves in a creative way.
Art is a powerful medium. It can influence both the artist and the observer. It can open new doors and new thoughts or give new insights through which the world can be seen and experienced in a different way.

A picture says more than thousand words and can change the world – or to say it more
modestly but not less ambitious: it can change a person’s day.

Art is to me a form of communication. Maybe the most important thing is what the viewer experiences. Maybe the beholder creates the meaning of the piece of art.

Some of my projects

In my portfolio you will find some of my recent projects. In the links below you will find a selection of images and more information about the specific projects.

My love for Norrbotten
Language a manner of speaking


Exhibition, collaboration or interested in a work? Feel free to contact me if you have any questions! I will respond as soon as I can.