My art

“To dare is to lose your footing momentarily,
not to dare is to lose oneself”

Sören Kierkegaard


Dare to get lost

I often start working in an experimental way. In the creative process I embrace chance and gut feeling. From there I can purposefully work with an image or shape to find the result I want to achieve.

It’s often a solitary process. Based on my impressions, I have an idea or a shape or a colour that I want to work with. In the ‘creative bubble’ I wrestle with ideas, thoughts, feelings and expressions and try to find the form or mood I am looking for.

For about twenty years I have been working with art in different techniques. In 2016, I took a course in photopolymer and was immediately hooked. Since then I have been working with different graphical techniques.

For me, creativity and inspiration are not something that comes out of nowhere. In my art, I get inspiration and ideas by doing. I do something every day, maybe five minutes with just sketches or a short text. This keeps me in touch with my creativity. Then the ideas come too.

I think we can all find creativity within us. We find different ways of expression, but the challenge is to stay in touch with the source of creativity within us amidst all the ‘musts’ of everyday life.

The driving force in my art is to express what moves me. I use different materials and different forms of expression.

For me, art is a form of communication. The most important thing is perhaps not what is told but what the observer experiences.


The technique

For about twenty years, I have been creating in various techniques. In 2016 I found printmaking as a means of expression and was immediately hooked.

I work with different graphical techniques. Photopolymer which is similar to Photogravure is one of them. You use a thin light sensitive film to transfer an image onto a plate. It can be a photo, a drawing or something else. The plate is then inked and run through a printing press. The series ‘My love for Norrbotten’ is made using this technique.

Another printing technique I use is printing monotypes. I paint ink on a smooth plate and when I feel ready, I run it through the printing press. The result is monotypes, often in large format. I like the randomness of this method. It’s always exciting what happens after the sheet has run through the printing press. ‘Language a manner of speaking’ is made with this technique.

Printing studio

Work in progress

Running a sheet through the printing press


Working with photopolymer


My work

You are welcome to take a look in my portfolio with a selection of pictures of my work and more information of some of my projects.