Hilde van amelsvoort

About me

“People are creative”
Adelyne Cross Eriksson

I love to be in the creative process.


In Short

My name is Hilde van Amelsvoort, I am a visual artist and live in the north of Sweden, just above the polar circle. Born in the Netherlands but moved to Sweden in 2009, which I did because I wanted to be close to the Swedish mountains. Trekking and living my life in the nature is both a preparation for my creating processes and a deep well of inspiration. I work with different kinds of graphical techniques.

I was born in the Netherlands and moved to Sweden in 2009. Twenty years ago I found the power of visual images and creativity and started painting with aquarelle paint, just one single colour a day. From then I just went on. I create to express my impressions.
Art is for me a kind of communication. The inner communication which seeks to find expression and the communication between the observer and the art. Maybe it is more important what the viewer experiences. Maybe the beholder creates the meaning of the piece of art.

I like to work both on a small and larger scale. My smallest work, 4cm x 4cm, is a series of miniature prints in photopolymer. The largest work to date, ‘Playground Field Zero’, is 100cm x 200cm.
Since 2016 I have been working with different graphical techniques. I like the combination between the craft and the randomness of it. In the project ‘Life happens in the details’ I worked with a dancer and a musician. It is interesting and challenging to work with artists expressing different art forms.

‘Life happens in the details’

In the video below I tell more about myself and my art. ‘Life happens in the details’ is a project with dancer Mareile Gnep and musician Mirja Palo. The video is about the project and the exhibition at Ájtte museum. The dancer and musician have interpreted my art and the film shows how this became a new piece of art.


My work has been shown at Grafiktriennalen 2020, in Norrköping, Trelleborg and Luleå. I took part in the exhibition L’Armour & More 2023 in Los Angeles USA from LELA International Artists and in the 43rd Mini Print International of Cadaqués 2023 in Cadaqués Spain. Some of my various separate exhibitions are ´Sången om livet´ at Ájtte museum in Jokkmokk and ´Uttryck av Intryck´ at Galleri Lindberg in Luleå. I have also participated in various group exhibitions, such as ‘Fyra Uttryck´ at Ahlbergshallen in Östersund 2022.

What they say about Hilde


“It is in the small details that life happens”


12 february 2022

“The opening was an intimate and moving experience”


19 september 2021

“Expressive minimalism and enchanting expression – Hilde van Amelsvoort is fantastic at Härke Konstcentrum”


12 mars 2019

Some of my projects

In my portfolio you will find some of my recent projects. In the links below you will find a selection of images and more information about the specific projects.

My love for Norrbotten
Language a manner of speaking