Dancing with Shadows

We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy will follow like a shadow that never leaves.”



About the project

The project ‘Dancing with Shadows’ is an ongoing project. It is a series of 106cm x 78cm monotypes. In the project I work with my own photos of physical shadows that I process.

I explore the shadows from different angles and process them to make them sharper, less clear, more or less colourful. Then I enlarge the shadows by painting them with ink on a 90cm x 60cm graphic plate. After that I run them through the printing press.

The project is an exploration of shadows. I have photographed shadows and processed the images into large monotypes. The result is exciting, beautiful and captivating shapes. I use physical shadows to explore the process of reaching inner shadows and discovering their forms, messages and expressions.

And then.. monotype 106cm x 78cm

The last drop. monotype 106cm x 78cm

Close-up of a work

Detail of the work The Façade

Blue Hour and Orange Dawn

monotype 106cm x 78cm

monotype 106cm x 78cm